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AP 20 Ultra Mini Regulator
An ultra mini regulator that is only 20 mm (0.75 inch) in diameter. This single stage, free poppet pressure regulator delivers up to 5 slpm depending upon conditions. It is available with absolute through 100 psig (7 bar) outlet pressure ranges and has an inlet pressure rating of 150 psig (10 bar). Face seal or IGS (C-seal) connections are standard.
AZ 3659

AZ 4659
3659 & 4659 Manual Valves
This new valve is a downsized version of the 3657 and 4657. The knob is almost 0.5 inch (12 mm) smaller in diameter though providing the same pull to open, lock out / tag out (LOTO) features. The only functional difference from the larger cousin is that the operating pressure is limited to 250 psig (17 bar). This is due to the small size of the handle making it more difficult to operate at higher pressures. The knob has open / closed indication on two sides and flats with a raised lip for gripping.
AP KL Regulator LOTO
The KL provides protection from accidental regulator pressure adjustment in addition to lock out / tag out (LOTO). The anodized aluminum knob must be pulled upward, away from the regulator, to engage stem splines for pressure adjustment. The knob is spring loaded down in the spin free mode where turning the knob does not change pressure adjustment. A center hub may be padlocked to prevent pulling upward for adjustment, which is the LOTO feature. The knob may be ordered as a regulator option or as a retrofit kit for existing regulators. There are a few series the knob is not compatible with, please consult the data sheet for a list.
AP 500 HR AP 500 High Inlet Pressure Option
The AP 500 has a new 3,000 psig (207 bar) inlet pressure rating option. This is a big step up from the standard inlet pressure rating of 150 psig (10 bar). This HR option is not available with HF option nor PTFE (TF) seat material.
PN 427 Product Note Revision
The valve high temperature option product note has been revised to include the newly released 3659 and 4659 valve models.
REACH A Letter of Compliance
A letter of compliance with the EU REACH initiatives has been posted to the Tech Briefs section Government Regulations.
PN 410 Product Note Revision
This revision adds the new KT 8 and AK 100 to our ATEX declarations.
Pressure Regulators
Operating Instructions
Operation Manual Revision
This revision adds the new KT 8 to the operation manual.
PN 412 Product Note Revision
This revision includes the ISH/3 option.
PN 304 Product Note Revision
Revised PED declaration.
Declaration of Conformity Declaration of Conformity Revision
Revised PED 2014/68/EU.
PA 592 European RoHS2 Compliance
Revised product alert.
PN 438 New Product Note
Product Note regarding gauge and absolute pressure units.