How a Pressure Reducing Regulator Works Training

This training defines all the common parts and functions of a pressure regulator including tied-diaphragm and free-poppet type.

Gas Regulator Droop, Pressure Setting and Supply Pressure Effect Training

This training includes video and graphical explanations of droop, static pressure setting, dynamic pressure setting and supply pressure effect.

Gas Regulator Types Training

This training examines the regulator types and designs used in AP Tech products. Includes comparison of free-poppet and tied-diaphragm designs. Reviews sub-atmospheric, two-stage and mini-regulator design and use.

Diaphragm Valve Basics Training

This training examines the AP Tech springless, spring type and springless positive seat retract diaphragm valve designs. Manual and pneumatic actuator designs are examined. Specialty diaphragm valve designs and common valve options are reviewed.

Common Valve and Regulator Failure Modes Training

This training examines the most common regulator and valve failure modes and how to avoid. Leak across the seat, stress fatigue, corrosion, material selection failures and causes are presented. Common questions about regulator noises and condensation are addressed.

Valve and Regulator Leak Detection Training

AP Tech’s recommended leak detection methods for valves and regulators are presented. Includes static leak testing, inboard He leak testing, outboard He leak testing and pressure decay test methods. Includes Helium seat permeation leak cautions.

Valve Port Training

This training introduces the user to valve porting nomenclature and applications. The various porting options of AP Tech valves are shown in detail with explanations of how they are used in gas system design.

Valve and Regulator Connection Options

This training reviews the connection options available for AP Tech products. Detailed examination of faceseal fittings, compression fittings, NPT fittings, C-seal and W-seal and sanitary fittings is included.

Export Control Compliance for Customers

This training explains US export control laws relating to AP Tech products. The presentation will allow you to understand why and when an export license is required and how to work with AP Tech to ensure export control law compliance.

Valve and Regulator Model and Series Selection

This training introduces a 4 step product selection method for selecting the correct valve and regulator for most semiconductor and related electronics manufacturing gases.